Accolades | Joey Giambra’s Legacy

“Master entertainer, Joey Giambra’s latest recording, Up Close and Personal, does nothing less than superbly punctuate his Legacy.  This multi-instrumentalist and vocalist has always associated himself with a brilliant assortment of musicians.  The renowned Don Menza, his childhood friend, leads this group with his lush tenor tones. The depth of musicality is grand.  There is an array of classic songs that are delivered like never before.  As a chef, Joey ladles his own special sauce over them.  His original pieces are treated with such sensuous reflection that I’m often reminded of the melodious voice of Bobby Short and Billie Holiday, with her haunting refrains.  His pen bleeds of sentimentality to his beloved Buffalo. His broad historical perspective which permeates the four corners of his community is evident in every song and conversation.  In homage to his hometown, this disc princely defines this Renaissance man.”

                                                      ~ Ernest Griffin, Writer/Jazz Vocalist